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Mavor, Osborne Henry
3 January 1888, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
29 January 1951, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

-   Co-founder of the Glasgow Citizen's Theatre.

-   One of the instigators of the Edinburgh Festival.

-   James Bridie wrote mainly comedies, but comedies that dealt with oftentimes fearsome themes. His play "The Sunlight Sonata", for example was subtitled The Seven deadly sins, and the plays that followed it focused on such harsh realities as death, damnation, disease, and drunkenness James Bridie's famous biblical plays are Tobias and the angel, Susanna and the Elders, and Jonah and the Whale. James Bridie is also famous for his play "Dr. Angelus." James Bridie worked with famous Director Alfred Hitchcock in 3 films - The Paradine Case, Under Capricorn, and Stage Fright.

-   (play) What Say They 1939

-   (play) Holy Island 1941

-   Mr Bolfry 1942

-   A Sleeping Clergyman

-   It Depends What You Mean 1944

-   The Forrigo

-   Dr Angelus 1947

-   Mr Gillie 1950

-   (play) Mary Read

-   (1938) His play, "Babes in the Wood", was performed at the Embassy Theatre in London, England with 'Angela Baddeley' (qv), 'Alexander Knox' (qv), 'Louise Hampton' (qv), 'Ellen Pollock' (qv) and 'Richard Caldicot' (qv) in the cast. 'Dennis Arundell (I)' (qv) was the director.

-   (1937-1938) His play, "The King of Nowhere," was performed at the Old Vic Theatre in London, England with Laurence Olivier, Stephen Murray, Alexander Knox, Vivienne Bennett, Marda Vanne, and Sylvia Coleridge in the cast. Esme Church was director.

-   (1934) Claud Gurney and his play, "Mary Read-Dragoon and Pirate," was performed at His Majesty's Theatre Haymarket in London, England with Robert Donat, Flora Robson, Iris Hoey, Claude Allister, Beatrice Wilson, Betty Hardy, Wilfrid Walter, Marie Dainton, Charles Farrell, John Turnbull, Evan Thomas, and George Benson in the cast. Tyrone Guthrie was director.

-   (1933) His play, "A Sleeping Clergyman", was performed at the Piccadilly Theatre in London, England with Godfrey Baxter, 'Robert Donat' (qv) and Bruce Belfrace in the cast.

-   (1949) His play, "Daphne Laureola", was performed at the Wyndham's Theatre in London, England with 'Edith Evans (I)' (qv), 'Peter Finch (I)' (qv) and 'Felix Aylmer' (qv) in the cast.

-   Winnifred Bannister. "James Bridie and His Theatre". London: Rockliff, 1955.

-   James Bridie. "One Way of Living". London: Constable, 1939.

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James Bridie and His Theatre by Winifred Bannister (Hardcover - 1955)
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