Bagets (1984) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
6.5/ 10 (35 Votes)

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Production Company
Viva Films [ph]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Philippines) - 2 February 1984

Running Time


bicycle, classmate, coming-of-age, cougar, court, friend, high-school, local-blockbuster, older-woman-younger-man-relationship, one-word-title, prom, shoes, teen, youth,

Technical Support
PFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Aguado, Ronald as [Barkada] <46>
  2. Alvir, Mon as [Classmate] <43>
  3. Aquino, Michael (III) as [Barkada] <56>
  4. Arenas, Eddie as [Erpat] <18>
  5. Avecilla, John as [Barkada] <57>
  6. Bautista, Herbert as [Gilbert] <2>
  7. Bautista, Herminio Butch as (as Butch Bautista) [Erpat] <20>
  8. Bautista, Jason as [Barkada] <55>
  9. Bonnin, J.C. as [Topee] <3>
  10. Borbon, Ron as [Barkada] <48>
  11. Buenaventura, Romy as [Barkada] <65>
  12. Campos, Robert (I) as [Erpat] <17>
  13. Catahan, Ronald as [Barkada] <58>
  14. De Guzman, Jun as [Classmate] <44>
  15. De Leon, Carlos (II) as [Classmate] <40>
  16. Diwa, Timothy as (as Timmy Diwa) [Classmate] <41>
  17. Escandor, Rommel as [Barkada] <45>
  18. Espiritu, Rommel as [Barkada] <61>
  19. Garcia, Rodolfo Boy as [Erpat] <16>
  20. Giron, Erning as [The 'Sabets'] <38>
  21. Guzman, Potenciano as [The 'Sabets'] <31>
  22. Javier, Joel as [Barkada] <60>
  23. Lauchengco, Raymond as [Arnel] <4>
  24. Licsi, Chito as [Chertit] <22>
  25. Martinez, William (I) as [Tonton] <1>
  26. Meyer, Rudy (I) as (as Rodolfo Meyer) [Chertit] <27>
  27. Muhlach, Aga as [Adie] <5>
  28. Pablo, Roderick as [Barkada] <64>
  29. Ramos, Neil as [Barkada] <47>
  30. Rivera, Romeo as [Erpat] <19>
  31. Roco, Bembol as [The 'Sabets'] <30>
  32. Salvador, Ariel as [Barkada] <68>
  33. Young, John Hari as [Barkada] <66>
  34. Zamora, Johanne as [Barkada] <59>
  35. Aguila, Yayo as [Rose] <8>
  36. Alegre, Irma as [Chertit] <21>
  37. Buan, Abegail as [Barkada] <51>
  38. Carmona, Aida as [The 'Sabets'] <35>
  39. de Guzman, Malou as [The 'Sabets'] <36>
  40. Delgado, Baby as [Ivy] <10>
  41. Desuyo, Jenny Lyn as [Barkada] <67>
  42. Doria, Dexter as [The 'Sabets'] <32>
  43. Galvez, Josie as [The 'Sabets'] <33>
  44. Garcia, Syndie as [Barkada] <49>
  45. Gasser, Flora as [Chertit] <26>
  46. Gil, Rosemarie as [Ermat] <11>
  47. Gonzales, Grace as [Barkada] <63>
  48. Gutierez, Racquel as [Classmate] <39>
  49. Gutierrez, Lita as [Ermat] <14>
  50. Ledesma, Benjie as [Chertit] <24>
  51. Lorena, Liza as [Ermat] <12>
  52. Louella as (as Louella Albornoz) [Chertit] <23>
  53. Marcelo, Maila as [Barkada] <54>
  54. Osorio, Consuelo P. as (as Consuelo Osorio) [Chertit] <25>
  55. Perez, Maritess as (as Marites Perez) [Classmate] <42>
  56. Quemel, Cynthia as [Barkada] <62>
  57. Riego, Chinggay as (as Ching Riego) [Barkada] <53>
  58. Rodriguez, Celia as [Ermat] <13>
  59. Romero, Chanda as [Christine] <9>
  60. Ross, Sarah Jane as [Chertit] <29>
  61. Rubio, Nena Perez as [The 'Sabets'] <34>
  62. Salvador, Jobelle as [Melissa] <7>
  63. Sanchez, Zorayda as [Chertit] <28>
  64. Santiago, Sibyl as [Princess] <69>
  65. Santos, Annaliza as [Barkada] <50>
  66. Valdez, Eula as [Janice] <6>
  67. Valdez, Luz as [Ermat] <15>
  68. Vargas, Evelyn as [The 'Sabets'] <37>
  69. Villanueva, Princess as [Barkada] <52>


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama

Full Plot

Experiencing the forbidden. Experiencing rejection. Hating your parents. Hating the world around you. Discovering what's hot. Discovering what's cool. Discovering your first true love. Discovering who you are. Growing up can be such a wild time. But not when you've got the best guys to hang out with. Five chaste young men immerse themselves in the superficialities and superfluity of adolescence over the course of their last year in high school. But as they make their gradual transition from boyhood to manhood, they realize it is their formidable bond that stands as the real deal. Starring a generation that gave rise to a new youth culture. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Vicor


  1. Batac, Joe (director of photography) (as Joe Batac Jr.)

Film Editors

  1. Jarlego Jr., Ike


  1. Adalia, Khryss (crowd and continuity director)
  2. Antonio, Mona (production assistant)
  3. Dacillo, Alan (utility)
  4. Edralin, Eric (choreographer)
  5. Gadingan, Truman (utility)
  6. Guido, Rodel (schedule master)
  7. Maglaom, Vic (utility)
  8. Monserrat, Mike (choreographer)
  9. Obra, Miles (choreographer)
  10. Sun, Tata (production assistant)


- The term Bagets was coined by 'William Martinez (I)' (qv) and 'Alona Alegre' (qv) who came up with the idea of the movie.

- 'William Martinez (I)' (qv), as star of Regal Films, offered the script to Regal producer 'Lily Y. Monteverde' (qv). The Regal producer, however, rejected the idea saying it would not make money. They offered the story to 'Vic del Rosario Jr.' (qv), owner of the rival Viva Films. Del Rosario's condition: William Martinez, a contract star of the rival Regal, should be in the movie. William agreed.

- 'William Martinez (I)' (qv) is the most senior among the main cast. He was already passed his teen years. Bagets means teener.