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Bidesiya (1963) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

Ratings / Votes
8.5/ 10 (6 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Bihar Films [in]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date

Running Time



Technical Support
MET:3954.03 m - (14 reels)
PFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Ahmed, Mukhtar (IV) as <10>
  2. Bagla as <14>
  3. Baijnath, Pandit as <16>
  4. Dubey, C.S. as (as Dubey) <17>
  5. Garibdas as <18>
  6. Jeevan (I) as [Chhote Thakur] <3>
  7. Kumar, Sujit (I) as [Bidesi Thakur] <2>
  8. Radheshyam (II) as <17>
  9. Sharma, Mastram as (as Mastram)
  10. Sheelkumar as <4>
  11. Shreenath as (as Shrinath) <19>
  12. Shukla, Hari Dass as (as H.D. Shukla)
  13. Sinha, T.N. as <15>
  14. Sohanlal (I) as <12>
  15. Thakur, Bhikhari as (as Rai Bahadur Bhikhari Thakur Shakespeare of Bihar) [Himself]
  16. Tripathi, S.N. as <8>
  17. Arzoo (I) as <18>
  18. Bela (VIII) as <19>
  19. Bilquis as (as Bilkhis)
  20. Bose, Bela (I) as [Kaharan Dancer] <11>
  21. Chatterjee, Sulochana as <7>
  22. Helen (I) as [Dancer in Nautanki] <9>
  23. Kaushal, Madhu as <16>
  24. Khanna, Padma as (as Padma) [Chhoti Malkin] <5>
  25. Naaz, Kumari as [Parvati] <1>
  26. R., Sheela as (as Sheela) <20>
  27. Rani (I) as <13>

Movie Certificate

U (India)

Music Composers

  1. Tripathi, S.N.


  1. Billimoria, Russi

Film Editors

  1. Shukla, Kantilal B.


  1. Amrit (III) (dance director)
  2. Baijnath (production assistant) (as Baiju)
  3. Bhatia, J.H. (production controller)
  4. Kumar, Pratap (II) (still publicist)
  5. Muktidoot, Janardhan (publicity in charge) (as J. Muktidoot)
  6. Naidu (IV) (junior artists supplier)
  7. Prabhu, Anant (production controller)
  8. Prasad, Badri (dance director) (as Badri Prashad)
  9. Puri (II) (still publicist)
  10. Pyarelal (II) (production assistant) (as Pyare)
  11. Shah, Bachubhai (still publicist) (as Bachubhai)
  12. Shalini (IV) (dance assistant)
  13. Singh, Ram (IV) (processing supervisor) (as Ramsingh)
  14. Swarup, Ram (I) (production assistant) (as Ram)


- The famous Bhojpuri poet from Bihar Bihari Thakur, who also introduced the Bidesiya style of folk-songs, appears in the movie as himself and is credited ahead of everyone as "Rai Bahadur Bihari Thakur - Shakespeare of Bihar".

- The title of the movie is a tribute to the extremely popular Bidesiya-style of folk-songs introduced by Bhikhari Thakur. To justify it, the lead character 'Sujit Kumar (I)' (qv) is called "Bidesi Thakur". The name "Bidesi" is informally referred to as "Bidesiya" during conversations in Bhojpuri. "Bidesi" means "foreigner" and in Bidesiya folk songs, refers to a man migrating to city in search of employment, leaving his family back in his village.