Krodh (2000) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

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3.3/ 10 (70 Votes)

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Production Company
Ashok Honda Productions [in]

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Full Cast

  1. Agnihotri, Apoorva as [Raj Verma] <3>
  2. Gulshan (I) as [Passenger at bus station]
  3. Joshi, Mohan (I) as [Advocate Verma]
  4. Khan, Kader (I) as [Balwant] <4>
  5. Khan, Shahjade as [Friend of Johney Lever]
  6. Lever, Johnny as [Prem] <2>
  7. Patel, Harish (I) as [Rambhau]
  8. Reddy, Rami (II) as [Kavre]
  9. Shetty, Sunil (I) as [Karan] <1>
  10. Subhash (II) as [Oldman with white hair]
  11. Tiwari, Brijesh as [Professor]
  12. Mumtaz, Anjana as [Mrs. Verma]
  13. Rambha as [Pooja Verma]
  14. Sharma, Shashi (I) as [Sunil Shetty's Eledest Sister]
  15. Shivanand, Sakshi as
  16. Shivpuri, Himani as [Sita]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Short-tempered Karan has the responsibility of looking after five younger sisters, and he does so with dedication, affection, and diligence. When the time comes get his sisters married, he decides to arrange marriages for them one by one. But things didn't go quite well for the first sister, Asha, resulting in bitterness alround. Then the second sister, Seema, falls in love with Raj Verma, whom Karan dislikes, and will not permit Seema to meet, leave alone marry. It does not help matters when their father, a former convict, Balwant, is shot by rival gangsters and is hospitalized. Karan goes to see his dying dad, and from him learn the secret that would change his life and outlook forever. rAjOo ( After Karan's mom tragically passes away, he became the guardian to his five sisters and slogs hard day and night to provide for them. He showers enough affection to them and will do anything for there happiness, when they have matured enough and is was marriage time for them matters became complicated which results in separation and twists and turns at every corner for Karan and his five sisters to face. raj ( Plot not found

Movie Certificate

A (India)
15 (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Chitragupth, Anand (as Anand-Milind)
  2. Chitragupth, Milind (as Anand-Milind)
  3. Mohile, Amar


  1. Teja (I)


B4U Entertainment [in] - (2006) (Canada) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Honda, Ashok


  1. Chhipa, Hanif (associate director)
  2. Doshi, Bhanu Kumar (distribution executive) (as Bhanubhai Doshi)
  3. Prakash, Chinni (choreographer)
  4. Prakash, Rekha (choreographer) (as Rekha C. Prakash)
  5. Rao, Rajendra (public relations officer)
  6. Thakkar, Shilpa (production controller)