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Let the Love Begin (2005) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
4.5/ 10 (57 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
GMA Films [ph]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Philippines) - 9 February 2005

Running Time

Their romantic journey starts here.

airport, based-on-song, janitor, rain, school, schoolmate, secret-love,

Technical Support

Full Cast

  1. Agcaoili, Mic as [Restaurant Customer] <47>
  2. Alfonso, Michael (II) as [Eric's Co-tenant] <78>
  3. Andres, Jubail as (as Alizon Andres) [Uno's Friend] <33>
  4. Chavez, Mark (III) as [Uno's Friend] <30>
  5. Ching, Gilbert as [Pia's Classmate] <70>
  6. Cobarrubias, Menggie as [Investor] <20>
  7. Confiado, Mon as [Banjo] <21>
  8. Contis, Paolo as [Uno] <7>
  9. Crisol, Joel as [Pia's Classmate] <60>
  10. Escalona, Ancel as [Pia's Classmate] <59>
  11. Escalona, Paolo as [Pia's Classmate] <58>
  12. Galang, Lucky as [Uno's Friend] <34>
  13. Gavino, Alex as [Pia's Classmate] <69>
  14. Gozon, Philip as [Sweet Couple in the Restaurant] <45>
  15. Guevarra, Dino as [Wency] <12>
  16. Gutierrez, Richard (I) as [Eric] <1>
  17. Gutierrez, Tonton as [Jake] <6>
  18. Hauschild, Arthur 'Buchow' as [Fat Guy] <28>
  19. Herras, Mark as [Luigi] <3>
  20. Hughes, Jerome John as [Jaime Gaston] <14>
  21. Javillonar, Earl as [Pia's Classmate] <61>
  22. Josef, Nanding as [Mr. Martin] <25>
  23. Juan, Jilmark as [Eric's Co-tenant] <79>
  24. Kho, Steven as [Hard Stalker] <29>
  25. Manotoc, Cricksi (II) as [Pia's Classmate] <55>
  26. Manotoc, Kakai (II) as [Pia's Classmate] <54>
  27. Manotoc, Luigi as [Pia's Classmate] <56>
  28. Maranan, Ivan as [Uno's Friend] <35>
  29. Meily, Bearwin as [Boy Palito] <9>
  30. Miles, James (V) as [Uno's Friend] <31>
  31. Nagrampa, Jan as [Pia's Classmate] <63>
  32. Nagrampa, Jill (II) as [Pia's Classmate] <62>
  33. Novio, Arnold as [Eric's Co-tenant] <80>
  34. Quiring, Geoff as [Pia's Classmate] <57>
  35. Ramirez, Biboy as [Wency's Friend] <13>
  36. Ravales, Polo as [Brix] <11>
  37. Rizalado, Jeric as (as Jericho Rizaldo) [Uno's Friend] <32>
  38. Rodriguez, Geoff as [Dave] <18>
  39. Rodriguez, Paolo as [Eric's Co-tenant] <76>
  40. Sanchez, Allan (II) as [Pia's Classmate] <68>
  41. Shamrock as (uncredited) [Band]
  42. Yap, Erwin as [Restaurant Customer] <52>
  43. Alcantara, Girlie as [Mrs. Josie Fadul] <26>
  44. Aldo, Jane as [Eric's Co-tenant] <77>
  45. Anderson, Nicole (II) as [Nicole Cabrera] <17>
  46. Bautista, Regie C. as (as Regie Bautista) [Restaurant Customer] <53>
  47. Bomb, Tess as [Tess] <19>
  48. de Villa, Charina as [Customer at McDonald's] <74>
  49. dela Cruz, Abi as [Cheerleader] <42>
  50. Fauni, Mary Grace as [Customer at McDonald's] <72>
  51. Gamilla, Mary Joanne as [Customer at McDonald's] <73>
  52. Garcia, Tracy as [Ms. Garcia] <27>
  53. Gayanilo, Rory as [Pia's Classmate] <65>
  54. Gellada, Kim as [Pia's Classmate] <67>
  55. Generoso, Eloisa as [Cheerleader] <41>
  56. Gumasing, Love as [Pia's Classmate] <66>
  57. Hilvano, Maan as [Pia's Classmate] <64>
  58. Inventor, Nanette as [Yaya Lusing] <8>
  59. Jimeno, Karen as [Sweet Couple in the Restaurant] <46>
  60. Kimura, Mel as [Ms. Ferrer] <24>
  61. Lee, Julianne as [Lucille Balboa] <15>
  62. Libao, Sheila as [Cheerleader] <40>
  63. Lirag, Nikki as [Cheerleader] <38>
  64. Locsin, Angel as [Pia] <2>
  65. Lozada, Janice as [Restaurant Customer] <50>
  66. Magno, Redgie as (as Redgie A. Magno) [Marketing Head] <43>
  67. Manotoc, Cricksi (I) as [Pia's Classmate] <55>
  68. Manotoc, Kakai (I) as [Pia's Classmate] <54>
  69. Mauricio, Maureen as [Maui] <22>
  70. Mercado, Jennylyn (I) as [Alex] <4>
  71. Nagrampa, Jill (I) as [Pia's Classmate] <62>
  72. Perez, Mary Anne as [Eric's Co-tenant] <75>
  73. Piñera, Fay as [Restaurant Customer] <51>
  74. Quiambao, Ama as [Aling Bella] <23>
  75. Romero, Gloria (I) as [Lola Maring] <5>
  76. Ruaro, Anna as [Pia's Classmate] <71>
  77. Santiago, Gigi as (as Gigi O. Santiago) [Marketing Head] <44>
  78. Tan, Rachel (III) as [Uno's Friend] <36>
  79. Tolentino, Cheska as [Cheerleader] <39>
  80. Ty, Kathryn Rose as [Restaurant Customer] <49>
  81. Uy, Joan Michelle as [Restaurant Customer] <48>
  82. Vargas, Tuesday as [Wendy] <10>
  83. Villegas, Marion as [Cheerleader] <37>
  84. Wilson, Margaret (II) as [Bridget Dantes] <16>


  1. Drama
  2. Romance

Full Plot

Their paths always cross but they never seem to meet. Eric is a very smart young man. Though he doesn't have the financial capabilities, he is strong-willed to succeed. He even takes a job as the school's janitor to work his way through night school. He finds inspiration in Pia, the most beautiful and wealthiest girl in their school. But all Eric could do is become Pia's "savior." When will Pia realize that Eric is more than her knight in shining armor? Maybe only them can they let the love begin. Anonymous Plot not found

Movie Certificate

G (Philippines)

Music Composers

  1. de Jesus, Vincent


  1. Romana, Regiben (director of photography) (as Regiben O. Romana)


Regal Films [ph] - (2005) (Philippines) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Cruz, Kelly (as Kelly M. Cruz)


  1. Alda, Tanya (traffic coordinator)
  2. Bravante, Ramon (assistant promo coordinator)
  3. Buencamino, Elmer (film specialist)
  4. Cantero, Rommel (crowd controller)
  5. Cantuba, Bong (crowd controller)
  6. Cantuba, Jeffrey (talent coordinator)
  7. Carlos, Meleen (promotions manager: Cross Platform Promotions)
  8. Carlos, Reagan (assistant crowd director)
  9. Caro, Raul (location manager)
  10. Carreon, Cynthia (production coordinator) (as Cynthia P. Carreon)
  11. Chavez, Manuel (VI) (collector)
  12. Chico, Frank (technical engineer)
  13. Constantino, Ronald (publicist)
  14. De Leon, Hazel (traffic coordinator)
  15. Decena, Ernesto (shipper/revisor)
  16. dela Cruz, Carding (personal assistant: Tonton Gutierrez)
  17. dela Cruz, Jimuel (television coordinator)
  18. Dela Cruz, Lani (coordinator: MTRCB) (as Lani Alday-Dela Cruz)
  19. Delos Reyes, Elizabeth (promo coordinator) (as Beth Delos Reyes)
  20. Domingo, Bong (utility: Roadrunner Network)
  21. Dypuekeng, Uriah (technical engineer)
  22. Enguito, Sarah (personal assistant: Angel Locsin)
  23. Fernandez, Casiano (utility)
  24. Festejo, Fernan (personal assistant: Bearwin Meily)
  25. Gallardo, Wilma (road manager: Tuesday Vargas)
  26. Galve, Carolyn (production assistant)
  27. Garcia, Reggie (II) (personal assistant: Tuesday Vargas)
  28. Grueza, Romel (utility) (as Rommel Gruezo)
  29. Gruezo, Rodelon (utility)
  30. Jubac, Nancy (personnel head)
  31. King, Rowena (II) (location manager)
  32. Lapus, Joseph (project coordinator)
  33. Macalinao, Lyle (crowd controller)
  34. Manibo, Josephine (field accountant)
  35. Marable, Hasmin (project manager: Cross Platform Promotions)
  36. Moralita, Daye (technical engineer)
  37. Nalumen, Juan (utility: Roadrunner Network)
  38. Navarro, Noel (personal assistant: Jennylyn Mercado)
  39. Ong, Ami (television coordinator)
  40. Perez Jr., Ramon (II) (crowd director)
  41. Perlas, Jayce (additional publicist: Cross Platform Promotions)
  42. Rada, Joey Ralata (personal assistant: Mark Herras)
  43. Sabater, Alexander (script supervisor) (as Alexander A. Sabater)
  44. Salazar, Jun (technical engineer)
  45. San Juan, Edwin (II) (print producer: Cross Platform Promotions)
  46. Santos, Betty (utility)
  47. Sipin, Siony (sales manager) (as Asuncion Sipin)
  48. Tabao, Roy (utility: Roadrunner Network)
  49. Tan, Ligaya (office manager)
  50. Tolentino, Ma. Christina (second production assistant)
  51. Umali, Nar (technical engineer)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines


- Based on the song, "Let the Love Begin", a popular song in the Philippines in 1987. The song was actually the love theme of the movie, _Thrashin' (1986)_ (qv).

- Rated b by the Philippine's Cinema Evaluation Board

- Supported by Yes FM, 90.7 Love Radion, Star Choco Nut, EPSON, Summit Clear, and McDonald.

- This was the highest grossing movie of 2005 in the Philippines.