Loufa kai parallagi: Seirines sto Aigaio (2005) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
5.5/ 10 (1136 Votes)

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Production Company
CL Productions [gr]
Graal [gr]
Hellenic Radio & Television (ERT) [gr]
Nova [gr]
Odeon [gr]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Greece) - 8 December 2005
(Greece) - 18 November 2006
(Italy) - 18 June 2007

Running Time
Greece:115 (original version)


airplane, boat, camp, cross-cultural, escalation, goat, intruder, island, local-blockbuster, loufa, making-out, military, parallagh, place-name-in-title, political-refugee, soldier, turk, unofficial-sequel, weed,

Technical Support

Full Cast

  1. Avgoustidis, Orfeas as [Pvt. Stavrakomathiakakis] <6>
  2. Bafaloukas, Aris as [Mjr. Hristos Gouvelis]
  3. Bailey, Dominic (I) as [Trainee]
  4. Belgin, Metin as [Captain Osman] <12>
  5. Dikinciler, Yetkin as [Kenan] <11>
  6. Filippou, Giannis (I) as [Guard]
  7. Grigorakis, Georgis as (as Tzortzis Grigorakis) [Cabin Boy]
  8. Habach, Ahmad as [Cemal Levent]
  9. Hajisuleiman, Ahmet as [Muhtar]
  10. Haralambidis, Renos as [Makris] <8>
  11. Haralambopoulos, Vassilis as [Pvt. Bakakos] <7>
  12. Hatzigiakoumis, Stefanos as [Sound Recordist]
  13. Hatzigiannis, Giannis (I) as [Mr. Sahtouris] <22>
  14. Hatzis, Antonis as [Corporal]
  15. Hatzivogiatzis, Dimitris as [Pizza Boy]
  16. Hronis, Thanos as [Guard]
  17. Karapanos, Nikos as [Panagiotis]
  18. Koulias, Manos as [Military Police Officer]
  19. Liakopoulos, Dimitris (I) as [Private] <18>
  20. Madak, Nizam as [Melih]
  21. Makris, Nikolas as [Guard]
  22. Mitsis, Stavros as [Taxi Driver]
  23. Moss, Anthem as (as Anthimos Ananiadis) [Private] <20>
  24. Panagiotidis, Zinos as [Waiter in Pastry Shop]
  25. Panagiotou, Giannis as [Commando]
  26. Panagiotou, Vasilis as [Director]
  27. Papadatos, Yorgos as [Ornithologist]
  28. Papadopoulos, Panagiotis (II) as [Seaman]
  29. Papagiannopoulos, Hristos as [Seaman]
  30. Papazisis, Ioannis as [Pvt. Denis Kalouris] <3>
  31. Patsikas, Socratis as [Pvt. Nakos] <4>
  32. Raish, John as [Mr. O'Doherty]
  33. Satoop, Ram as [Haroon] <15>
  34. Seitaridis, Yorgos as [Sgt. Hampos Parlavatzas] <2>
  35. Sofos, Nikos as [Commando]
  36. Spiridakis, Takis as [Captain Giannis] <21>
  37. Svynos, Mihalis as [Camera Operator]
  38. Tanülkü, Turgay as [Turgut] <14>
  39. Totsikas, Apostolis as [Livadas] <15>
  40. Tsimitselis, Yannis as [Pvt. Alexandros Tzibitzidis] <1>
  41. Xanthoudakis, Stelios as [Pvt. Papadakis] <5>
  42. Xypolitas, Nikos as [Van Driver]
  43. Bakircioglu, Muge as [Pinar] <12>
  44. Bei, Katerina as [News Presenter]
  45. Borutta, Linda as [Tourist]
  46. Bothe, Anett as [Tourist]
  47. Carr, Laura (II) as [Mildred]
  48. Cipi, Xonida as [Waiter in Coffee House]
  49. El Zeint, Angela as [Guendolen] <17>
  50. Farsana, Khan as [Nouri]
  51. Ignjatovic, Gordana as [Hotel Waiter]
  52. Kaya, Vicky as [Marialena] <8>
  53. Kazaz, Tugçe as [Havva] <9>
  54. Kiskila, Katerina as [Sergeant Major]
  55. Konsolaki, Kyriaki as [Hotel Waiter]
  56. Leontiadou, Olga as [Ornithologist]
  57. Metcalf, Alicia as [Twila]
  58. Yanardag, Arzu as [Sevda] <10>


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

This army satire follows a small group of Greek soldiers in the island of Kos, when they are assigned to spend a few days guarding a small rock island named pita. After their arrival in pita, they soon face a serious problem as a small Turkish ship arrives in the area. What do these intruders really want, and what are these beautiful girls doing with them? Chris Makrozahopoulos A group of Greek solders, who serve their military service in Kos, is sent to guard the skerry of Pitta. Everything looked normal until a Turkish boat disembarked 4 castaways on Pitta. Amongst the passengers of the boat was the niece of a Turkish admiral, which made things more complicated when the Turkish authorities started looking for them. Our heroes did't know what to do since a diplomatic episode could be inevitable. manjiki Greek soldiers from the island of Kos are sent to the Greek rock-island Pitta to defend an alleged invasion from Turkish troops. They encounter a Turkish yacht sent there for a photo shooting and arrest them assuming they are invading the island. The outcome is the involvement of both countries in the incident resulting in several comic situations. The film is a sequel to the Directors original movie "Loufa & Parallaghi" of 1984. Although the story is completely different, it deals with comic situations of the Greek mandatory military service Sergios Plot not found

Total Business

BT: EUR 50,000

Music Composers

  1. Kontopoulos, Dimitris


  1. Argiroiliopoulos, Yorgos

Dress Designers

  1. Mouzoula, Katerina


Odeon [gr] - (2005) (Greece) (all media)


  1. Belgin, Nihan (production assistant)
  2. Dakanalis, Giorgos (screenplay consultant: Cretan dialect)
  3. Grigorakis, Georgis (completion coordinator) (as Tzortzis Grigorakis)
  4. Hatzivogiatzis, Dimitris (floor manager)
  5. Hristakopoulou, Sebnem (screenplay consultant: Turkish language)
  6. Kakavelakis, Giorgos (I) (production assistant)
  7. Kefalas, Kostas (making-of)
  8. Linardakis, Giorgos (production assistant)
  9. Papanikolaou, Rosina (production accountant)
  10. Papaspyrou, Ilia (publicist)
  11. Papathanasiou, Sakis (I) (production accountant)
  12. Petridou, Anna (script supervisor)
  13. Saranti, Georgia (production secretary)
  14. Skrobola, Efi (production secretary)
  15. Stamataki, Danai (web developer)
  16. Stylianou, Marina (production office coordinator)
  17. Ypsilanti, Dafni (screenplay consultant: English language)

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