Rollercoaster (1977) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.0/ 10 (2993 Votes)

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Production Company
Universal Pictures [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 10 June 1977
(USA) - 17 June 1977
(Japan) - 16 July 1977
(Sweden) - 1 August 1977
(Hong Kong) - 11 August 1977

Running Time

You are in a race against time...and terror. You are pursuing a nameless, faceless man through America's greatest amusement parks...and, for the first time, you are experiencing the most sensational rides of our time, IN SENSURROUND Ride Sensurround Watch out for the Man watching the Rollercoaster

amusement-park, blackmail, bomb-squad, disaster, disaster-film, ferris-wheel, fourth-of-july, gun, murder, one-word-title, reference-to-confucius, roller-coaster, swing, terrorism, terrorist, terrorist-plot,

Technical Support
CAM:Panaflex Cameras and Lenses by Panavision
MET:3255 m
OFM:35 mm
PCS:Panavision - (anamorphic)
PFM:35 mm
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Airington, Michael as (uncredited) [Man 1]
  2. Altman, Richard (I) as [Mandell] <24>
  3. Baker, Tom (II) as [Federal Agent #2] <16>
  4. Basch, Harry as [Owner #3] <22>
  5. Bell, Michael (I) as [Demerest] <13>
  6. Bennett Jr., Charles W. as [Bomb Squad Man] <48>
  7. Bottoms, Timothy as [Young Man] <3>
  8. Byrd, David (II) as [Pet Store Owner] <40>
  9. Davis, Harry (I) as [Benny Neilson] <9>
  10. Elliot, Greg (I) as [Boy in Line] <28>
  11. Fonda, Henry as [Simon Davenport] <4>
  12. Franklin, Gary (I) as [Radio Reporter] <38>
  13. French, Bruce (I) as [Bomb Squad #2] <30>
  14. George, Joe (I) as [Guard] <37>
  15. Guardino, Harry as [Keefer] <5>
  16. Guttenberg, Steve as (uncredited) [Messenger]
  17. Holt, Larry as [Bomb Squad #4] <32>
  18. Hulcher, Mark as [Delivery Boy] <47>
  19. Hunter, J. Michael as [Shooting Gallery Attendant] <52>
  20. Kelley, Bob (IV) as (uncredited) [Virg - FBI agent on tower]
  21. Kimball, Bruce as (as Bruce Kimbell) [Bomb Squad #1] <29>
  22. Mael, Ron as (uncredited) [Himself]
  23. Mael, Russell as (uncredited) [Himself]
  24. McGarvin, Dick as [Owner #1] <20>
  25. Mendillo, Stephen as [Bomb Squad #3] <31>
  26. Milton, Dave (II) as [Man in Robe] <39>
  27. Olek, Henry as [Smoking Technician] <41>
  28. Pearlman, Stephen as [Bert Lyons] <10>
  29. Peterson, Arthur (I) as [Owner #4] <23>
  30. Prince, William (I) as [Quinlan] <19>
  31. Quarry, Robert as [Mayor] <26>
  32. Redeker, Quinn K. as (as Quinn Redeker) [Owner #2] <21>
  33. Richmond, Branscombe as (uncredited) [Minor Role]
  34. Rowe, G.F. as (as Gerald Rowe) [Wayne Moore] <11>
  35. Saito, Bill as [Asian Man] <43>
  36. Segal, George (I) as [Harry Calder] <1>
  37. Sorrells, Bill (I) as [Selby] <34>
  38. Speigel, Dennis as [Pierce] <42>
  39. Steffens, Roger as [Radio Technician] <45>
  40. Stevens, Lonny (I) as [Federal Agent #1] <15>
  41. Swanson, John F. as [Lansing] <49>
  42. Thomas, Mark (I) as [Agent] <51>
  43. Tippit, Wayne as [Police Captain Christie] <12>
  44. Tuna, Charlie as [Rock Concert MC] <14>
  45. Tyburn, Gene as [Bomb Squad #5] <33>
  46. Wasson, Craig as [Hippy Boy] <18>
  47. Weinberg, Louis as (as Louis Weisberg) [Coaster Attendant] <54>
  48. Wesson, Dick (I) as [Tourist Father] <36>
  49. Widmark, Richard as [Agent Hoyt] <2>
  50. Buckman, Tara as [Coaster Attendant] <53>
  51. Calomee, Gloria as [Jackie] <25>
  52. Doran, Takayo as [Asian Woman] <44>
  53. Erman, Cathi Peyton as (uncredited) [Ring Toss Girl]
  54. Harlow, Denice as [Hertz Girl] <50>
  55. Hunt, Helen (I) as [Tracy Calder] <7>
  56. Lewis, Monica (I) as [Tourist Mother] <35>
  57. Murray, Dianne T. as [Pregnant Agent] <46>
  58. Rasey, Jean (I) as [Girl in Line] <27>
  59. Readdy, Ava as [Hippy Girl] <17>
  60. Strasberg, Susan as [Fran] <6>
  61. Tristan, Dorothy as [Helen] <8>
  62. Visone, Justine as (uncredited) [Strasberg's girlfriend]


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

The plot is about a guile young terrorist who is able to blackmail a series of companies by placing home-made radio controlled bombs within the central attraction of amusement parks; roller coasters. The young man played by Timothy Bottoms gives a hard time to the cops after they give him UV marked money. He then wants revenge and places a bomb in a roller coaster at the most important amusement park event of the year. Nebiros In a series of amusement parks, something deadly is happening. Rollercoasters are flying off their tracks, and people are dying. It soon becomes apparent that these are not a series of coincidences, but the work of a psychopathic extortionist who is placing explosives on the tracks. The FBI is called in to investigate and traces the crimes to a young man. But even after the man gets his ransom, he plans to blow up another rollercoaster...this one at a well-known park in California. Will the FBI be able to arrest him before he can carry out his murderous plan...or will another rollercoaster go off the rails? Derek O'Cain Several severe accidents happen in different amusement parks. Technical supervisor Calder suspects it's no coincidence and starts to investigate. Soon he finds out that a psychopath blackmails a whole conglomerate of companies for a million dollars, and urges them to inform the FBI. But the blackmailer, who observed the company bosses all the time, learns about it and demands that Calder delivers the money... and sends him on a nerve-shattering trip through an amusement park to deliver the money, while the FBI observes him closely and tries to bust the electronically skilled terrorist. Tom Zoerner Plot not found

Total Business

GR: HKD 1,710,595 (Hong Kong) (1977)

Movie Certificate

12 (Netherlands)
K-16 (Finland)
16 (Norway)
15 (Sweden)
12 (West Germany)

Music Composers

  1. Schifrin, Lalo


  1. Walsh, David M. (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Miller, Burton


Cinema International Corporation (CIC) [fi] - (1978) (Finland) (theatrical)
Cinema International Corporation (CIC) [nl] - (1978) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Esselte Video [fi] - (19??) (Finland) (VHS)
GoodTimes Home Video [us] - (????) (USA) (VHS)
MCA/Universal Home Video [us] - (1993) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
Mainostelevisio (MTV3) [fi] - (1993) (1997) (Finland) (TV)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (1979) (USA) (TV) (broadcast premiere) (pan/scan)
Universal Home Entertainment [gb] - (19??) (UK) (VHS)
Universal Home Entertainment [gb] - (2005) (UK) (DVD)
Universal Home Entertainment [us] - (1998) (USA) (DVD)
Universal Pictures Benelux [nl] - (2005) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Universal Pictures Finland Oy [fi] - (2005) (Finland) (DVD)
Universal Pictures [us] - (1977) (USA) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Biery, Edward A.
  2. Sprague, Richard M. (as Richard Sprague)


  1. Erman, Cathi Peyton (assistant to director) (uncredited)
  2. Kazanjian, Howard G. (production executive)
  3. Zahlen, Gary (technical advisor) (uncredited)


[speaking to each other over walkie-talkies] Young Man: First, Harry, I think I should tell you about the bomb. Would you like to know where it is? Harry Calder: Sure! Young Man: You're holding it. Young Man: [after the young man tells Harry he is holding the bomb] Do I have your full attention? Harry Calder: Screw you! Fran: Harry? Harry Calder: Mmh? Fran: If you're trying to kill us, at least let me put on some lip gloss. Young Man: If they pay me and if they do what I say, I'll never bother them again. Harry Calder: Are you sure? Maybe you enjoy it. Young Man: Wrong psychological profile, Harry. I'm not in this for kicks Harry Calder: Oh yeah, right, it's only the money. You're a businessman. And in a corrupt society, you're no worse than anybody else. We all cheat on our taxes, Detroit makes defective cars. Young Man: I'm not enjoying this conversation, Harry. Harry Calder: Then get yourself another messenger boy. Tracy Calder: Daddy, Confucius say "with faith, man can move mountain." Harry Calder: I thought Jesus said that. Tracy Calder: Well, maybe he did. But according to that fortune cookie... Fran: Which is yours, by the way... Tracy Calder: ...Confucius said it too. Harry Calder: Don't believe everything you read. Tracy Calder: I think daddy's pissed off. Harry Calder: Where does she learn language like that? [Fran shrugs] Keefer: They're over the lift. It's too late to stop them now. Agent Hoyt: Christ.

Other Titles

  1. Achterbahn (1977) (ENG)

  2. Achterbahn (1977) (ENG)
    (West Germany)

  3. Rollercoaster il grande brivido (1977) (ENG)

  4. Achterbahn (1977) (GER)
    (West Germany)

  5. Rollercoaster il grande brivido (1977) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. 13006 Cumpston Street, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, USA - (Tracy and Harry's ex-wife's house)
  2. Chasen's Restaurant, Beverly Hills, California, USA
  3. Kings Dominion - 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, Virginia, USA
  4. Macy's Plaza/Hyatt Regency Hotel - 700 S. Flower Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA - (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
  5. Navy Pier - 600 E. Grand Avenue, Near North Side, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  6. Ocean View Amusement Park - Granby Street at Ocean View Avenue, Ocean View, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  7. Six Flags Magic Mountain - 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, California, USA


- Most of the actors portraying police officers in the film were actual police officers from the surrounding area. In fact, Charles W. Bennett, Jr., who played Bomb Squad Man, was an actual bomb technician at the time the film was made. He is now (1999) the chief of police in Lynchburg, Virginia.

- The teen-idol fan magazines Tiger Beat and 16 reported to their readers in 1976 that the Scottish glam-rock band the Bay City Rollers were to perform in this film. However, the Rollers never did appear in this (or any other) theatrical film, and another glam-rock outfit, Sparks, are heard on the soundtrack instead.

- The roller coaster featured in the main climax of the movie is the Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. It opened in 1976 and was the first roller coaster to feature a complete 360-degree vertical loop.

- Some of the amusement park scenes were shot at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, just north of Richmond. Kings Dominion is now owned by Cedar Fair.

- Also partially filmed at Ocean View Park in Virginia (including the destruction of the rollercoaster) - see also trivia for _The Death of Ocean View Park (1979) (TV)_ (qv).

- The rollercoaster