SexWorld (1978) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.6/ 10 (189 Votes)

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Production Company
Essex Pictures Company [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Portugal) - 1978
(USA) - April 1978
(USA) - 12 May 1978
(USA) - 24 May 1978
(USA) - June 1978

Running Time

'Westworld' was for children, 'Futureworld' was for teenagers, but... Sex World is definitely for ADULTS!

69-sex-position, adulterous-wife, african-american, african-american-woman-white-man, afro, anal-fingering, bare-breasts, black-american-maid, breakup, bus-trip, buxom, cheating-wife, clitoris, cunnilingus, desire, domination, ejaculation, erotic-fantasy, face-sitting, fellatio, female-pubic-hair, female-sex-talk, hand-in-panties, hardcore, interracial-sex,

Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Blankenship, Ben (I) as [1st Man in Audience] <35>
  2. Desmond, Sean (I) as [Bus Guide] <19>
  3. Freeman, Jake (I) as [Man at Lisa's Door] <17>
  4. Hall, Kent (I) as [Jerry] <2>
  5. Harrison, Rex (II) as [2nd Man in Audience] <37>
  6. Johns, Peter (I) as [Lisa's Caller] <9>
  7. Kaho, Roger as [Gay Client] <31>
  8. Keyes, Johnnie as [Johnnie Keyes] <18>
  9. Leslie, John (I) as [Roger] <6>
  10. Ramos, Roberto (I) as [Tomas] <16>
  11. Ratto, Dennis as [Roger's Counselor] <21>
  12. Regal, Carl as (as Carl Asherton) [Malcolm] <26>
  13. Saenz, Tony (II) as [Dale's Counselor] <33>
  14. Silvera, Joey as (as Joe Civera) [Phil] <13>
  15. Train, Jack (II) as [4th Technician] <28>
  16. Whigham, Peter as [Social Director] <20>
  17. Wright, Jack (V) as [Ralph] <4>
  18. Zukerman, Jay as [Lisa's Counselor] <32>
  19. Blue, Rachel as [3rd Technician] <24>
  20. Bovee, Lesllie as (as Leslie Bovee) [Joan] <1>
  21. Carey, Sally (II) as [2nd Technician] <23>
  22. Cassidy, Chris (I) as (as Suzette Holland) [Alex] <15>
  23. Clayton, Abigail as [Marian] <12>
  24. Haven, Annette as [Dale] <8>
  25. Hunt, Amber (I) as [Linda] <10>
  26. Kalberg, Dale as [Sharon] <34>
  27. Martin, Ann (VII) as [6th Technician] <30>
  28. Pan, Sandra as [Woman Client] <25>
  29. Parker, Kay as [Millicent] <3>
  30. Parker, Pat as [Woman in Audience] <36>
  31. Raver, Miki as [Malcolm's Counselor] <27>
  32. Spring, Maureen as (as Eileen Dover) [Ann] <14>
  33. Thorpe, Sharon as [Lisa] <5>
  34. Tong, Carol (I) as [Jo] <11>
  35. Watts, Carol as [1st Technician] <22>
  36. West, Desiree (I) as [Jill] <7>
  37. Worth, Joan as [5th Technician] <29>


  1. Adult
  2. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

Taking off on WESTWORLD, a bus load of people going to a resort that helps them solve their sexual hang-ups. Everyone and everything is monitored by a huge computer run by a gang of white-coated technicians, which deducts their deepest sexual fantasies - whether or not they are aware of them. The clients are paired off with each other for optimum effect. A bigot, for example, is given a beautiful black woman to make love to, and a frigid housewife is linked up with a tender, soft-spoken lover. VCX Joan and Jerry are a happy couple who want to try new things. Millicent can't arouse Ralph. Lisa is a lonely woman who calls a phone sex operator. Once in SexWorld, Linda and Jo are coupled with each other and then with Jerry. African-American Jill proves to racist Roger "your spigot ain't no bigot". Joan is coupled with Marian. Buxom Millicent gets her aggressive man wish by Phil, not knowing Ralph peeps on them per his voyeurism wish. Telling him he's physically blocked from helping her, Ralph is led away by his mother-lookalike Ann. Dale first gets to meet Alex, who looks like her former girlfriend, and then gentle Latin lover Tomas. A man unofficially knocks on Lisa's door, but she hesitates too long. Instead, she gets her wish to meet the African stud from _Behind the Green Door (1972)_ (qv), Johnnie Keyes. Anonymous From all over the country, people go to the Sex World resort to solve their sexual problems and explore their erotic desires. The place is staffed by a group of trained technicians who use sophisticated electronic devices to pair up various people in ways that they know will result in their having fabulous sex. Ørnås Plot not found

Movie Certificate

16 (Netherlands)
R (Australia)(cut)
X (Australia)(uncut version)
K-18 (Finland)
15 (Sweden)

Music Composers

  1. Lipman, Berry


  1. Marksman, Robert (director of photography)


Cinépix Film Properties (CFP) [ca] - (????) (Canada) (theatrical) (cut version)
Concorde Film [nl] - (1978) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Essex Video [us] - (????) (USA) (VHS)
TVX - (????) (USA) (VHS)
VCX [us] - (1997) (USA) (VHS)
VCX [us] - (2001) (USA) (DVD)


  1. Marne (caterer)
  2. Perkins, Sandra (I) (production assistant)
  3. St. John, Peggy (production assistant)
  4. Wilkins, Connie (script supervisor)


[seducing racist Roger by touching her large breats and then feeling her private area] Jill: These jugs are full of honey and down here's my honey pot. Roger: Why don't you dance? I thought you people had rhythm. Jill: My rhythm isn't in my feet. It's about three or four foot higher, between my thighs is where my rhythm lies. [Shoving her big bare bottom in Roger's face] Jill: How's this for a class ass? Bet this is the best ass you ever had shoved in your face. Roger: People do have nice asses. Jill: It's just ass. Why don't you put your nose in it? Smell it! Roger: I'll touch it, but I won't smell it. Jill: [as he can't resist her] Deeper, deeper in the valley for a while. Jill: I bet you never had no black pussy before, you don't know what you been missing. Jill: [to racist Roger] I'll prove your spigot ain't no bigot.

Other Titles

  1. Ex World (1978) (ENG)
    (USA) (bowdlerized title)

  2. Sex Park (1978) (ENG)

  3. Sex World (1978) (ENG)
    (USA) (poster title)

  4. Sexomanid (1978) (ENG)
    (Italy) (poster title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. San Francisco, California, USA


- 'Anthony Spinelli (I)' (qv) co-narrates the film's trailer.