The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon (1998) (TV) TV

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
4.7/ 10 (569 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Brillstein-Grey Entertainment [us]
Walt Disney Television [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 15 February 1998

Running Time


american-football, exercising, field-goal, football-movie, garbage, long-title, obesity, photograph, rookie, touchdown,

Technical Support
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.33 : 1

Full Cast

  1. Berman, Chris (I) as [Himself] <9>
  2. Bishop, Rummy as [Joe]
  3. Blicker, Jason as [Peter Gorman]
  4. Cardriche, Jaime as [Bubba] <4>
  5. Daniels, Ken (I) as [Male Reporter]
  6. Danza, Tony as [Barney Gorman] <1>
  7. Di Julio, Danilo as [Dallas Cowboy #49]
  8. Dierdorf, Dan as [Himself]
  9. Filar, Gil as [Danny Gorman] <6>
  10. Gabriel, Ron (I) as [Monty]
  11. Hope, Barclay as [Mitchell]
  12. Karon, Marvin as [Dr. Huff]
  13. Keleghan, Peter as [Captain Walker]
  14. LaFleur, Art (I) as [Gus Rogenheimer] <3>
  15. Lurie, Jeffrey as [Barney's Friend]
  16. MacMenamin, Tim as [Tough Guy]
  17. Orr, Sean (I) as [Bill Casey]
  18. Ruscio, Al as [Barney's father] <7>
  19. Sahay, Vik as [Taxi Driver]
  20. Saunders, Cliff (II) as [Server #2]
  21. Stoller, Fred as [Larry]
  22. Vasilantonakis, John as [Big Biker]
  23. Vollans, Michael as [Jeffrey]
  24. Wise, Ray (I) as [Randolph Pratt] <8>
  25. Kruze, Teresa (I) as [Female Reporter]
  26. Lo, Janet as [Ms. Vanderpool]
  27. Nadeau, Chantale as [Beautiful Woman]
  28. O'Connor, Gladys as [Mavis]
  29. Robinson, Karen (I) as [Sally]
  30. Starnino, Anna as [Server]
  31. Stewart, Julie (I) as [Eagles recruiter] <5>
  32. Tuck, Jessica as [Marie Gorman] <2>


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. Sport

Full Plot

A Philadelphia garbageman who develops his leg muscles from kicking the hydraulic lever on his truck is discovered by the Philadelphia Eagles and signed by them to become a kicker. John Sacksteder Plot not found

Movie Certificate

K (Greece)
PG (Australia)

Music Composers

  1. Walker, Shirley (I)


  1. Richmond, Anthony B.


American Broadcasting Company (ABC) [us] - (1998) (USA) (TV) (original airing)
Buena Vista Television [us]

Film Editors

  1. Masamitsu, Chip


  1. Currie, G. Michael (production assistant) (as Michael Currie)
  2. Eby, Greg (first assistant accountant)
  3. Green, Peter M. (production executive)
  4. Hordal, A.J. (location production assistant)
  5. James, Sarah (III) (production coordinator)
  6. Kiernan, Liam (I) (assistant location manager)
  7. Marks, Deborah (assistant production coordinator)
  8. Martin, Byron A. (location manager)
  9. Ploszczansky, George (football coordinator)
  10. Ploszczansky, George (technical advisor)
  11. Whiteside, Greg (video playback engineer)
  12. Wolch, Mimi (script supervisor)

Other Titles

  1. Der kickende Müllmann (1998) (TV) (ENG)

  2. The Philadelphia Phenomenon (1998) (TV) (ENG)
    (USA) (short title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - (Ivor Wynne Stadium)
  2. SkyDome, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Toronto, Ontario, Canada


- The kicking stand-in for 'Tony Danza' (qv) was Mike Vanderjagt, the former kicker for the Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys.

- 'Jeffrey Lurie' (qv), who who played Barney's friend, was the real life owner of the Philadelphia Eagles.