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7.0/ 10 (277 Votes)

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Production Company
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb]

Production Designer

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adultery, betrayal, blackmail, deceit, murder, passion,

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Full Cast

  1. Bett, John as [Malcolm Ogilvy]
  2. Boyz, Geoff as [Stand-up comic]
  3. Conlan, Andrew as [Sean Heggie]
  4. Daniels, Ben (I) as [Ben] <4>
  5. Daunton, Jeffrey as [Second businessman]
  6. Ford Davies, Oliver as [Derek McKendrick]
  7. Fraser, John (I) as [Gordon Hillan]
  8. Hamilton, Tom (IV) as [Self defence instructor]
  9. Hannah, John (I) as [Nick] <2>
  10. Harvey, Alex (III) as [Hotel manager]
  11. Lincoln, Peter (I) as [First businessman]
  12. Lyon, David (I) as [Alistair Hugill]
  13. Martin, James (VII) as [Sheriff]
  14. McBain, William as [Police sergeant]
  15. Michie, John (I) as [David Baird]
  16. Warder, Frederick as [Dr. Fisher]
  17. Welsh, Finlay as [DCI McVey]
  18. Baxendale, Helen as [Lorna Johnston] <1>
  19. Bell, Fiona as [Maggie]
  20. Collier, Sarah (I) as [Antonia Baird]
  21. Kristen, Anne as [Mrs. Hugill]
  22. Latimer, Sheila as [Landlady]
  23. Lynch, Susan (I) as [Mel] <3>
  24. Ross, Patricia as [DS Fraser]


  1. Crime
  2. Thriller

Full Plot

A smart young female lawyer (Baxendale) is suddenly contacted by some old university mates. Baxendale finds it a relief to go out and enjoy some nightlife but it soon becomes apparent that the so called mates are actually playing a sadistic game with her and one that could end up in murder. Scott Dawson Plot not found

Movie Certificate

M (Australia)

Music Composers

  1. Warbeck, Stephen


  1. Greatrex, Richard

Dress Designers

  1. Biggar, Trisha


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb] - (original airing)

Film Editors

  1. Gamble, David (I)


  1. Fraser, Julie (script editor)
  2. Gordon, Graeme (I) (location manager)
  3. Graham, Margaret (I) (script supervisor)
  4. Hughes, Des (location manager)
  5. Muirson, Nic (production coordinator)
  6. Slovo, Robyn (script editor)
  7. Statham, Shaw (production accountant)

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