Warrior Queen (1987) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
3.7/ 10 (208 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Lightning Pictures Inc. [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - January 1987
(Japan) - 5 October 1987

Running Time
69 (R-rated version)


arena, female-nudity, female-protagonist, gladiator, historical-event, lesbian, lesbianism, musclemen, nudity, pompei-italy, rape, slave-trade, slavery, stabbed-in-the-chest, stabbed-in-the-stomach, sword, sword-fight, trident, volcano,

Technical Support
LAB:TVC Laboratories, New York, USA

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Full Cast

  1. Brandon, David (II) as (as David Haughton) [Victo] <8>
  2. Cau, Marco Tulio as [Goliath] <10>
  3. Cruciani, Mario as [Roberto] <9>
  4. Hill, Rick (I) as (as Richard Hill) [Marcus] <3>
  5. Pleasence, Donald as [Clodius] <2>
  6. Chanel, Tally as [Vespa] <5>
  7. Danning, Sybil as [Berenice] <1>
  8. Fox, Samantha (I) as (as Stasia Micula) [Philomena] <6>
  9. Jones, Josephine Jacqueline as (as J.J. Jones) [Chloe] <4>
  10. Smith, Suzanna (I) as (as Suzanne Smith) [Veneria] <7>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

In ancient Pompeii, slaves are bought and sold for household chores and sex. A mysterious queen moves among the elite, meantime secretly helping the slaves to escape. Eventually her life is also in jeopardy, and as the volcano erupts she and the slaves attempt to escape while being chased by the military... Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

CP: 1985 Lightning Pictures Inc.

Movie Certificate

16 (Iceland)
18 (UK)
M/18 (Portugal)
Unrated (USA)

Music Composers

  1. Cioffi, Suezie (as Kai Joffee)
  2. Shaw, Ian (II)


  1. Battaglia, Gianlorenzo (director of photography) (as Lorenzo Battaglia)

Dress Designers

  1. Parise, Lucio (I)


American Home Video - (1987) (USA) (video)
DomoVideo [it] - (1987) (Italy) (VHS)
Seymour Borde & Associates [us] - (1987) (USA) (theatrical)
Sonovídeo [pt] - (1987) (Portugal) (VHS)
Vestron Video International [be] - (1987) (Belgium) (video)
Vestron Video [gb] - (1987) (UK) (VHS)
Vestron Video [us] - (video)


  1. Christie, Andy (assistant to director)
  2. Gamba, Luisa (script girl)
  3. Ukmar, Franco (master of arms)

Other Titles

  1. Pompeii (1987) (ENG)
    (Italy) (working title)

  2. Warrior Queen (1987) (ENG)
    (UK) (imdb display title)

  3. Warrior Queen (1987) (ENG)
    (West Germany) (imdb display title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Rome, Lazio, Italy